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color my birth tender

birth work

​In all of its iterations, life has so much to teach us. I approach doula work with creating the presence to listen to those lessons that life offers. Together, we can honor birth and life in the ways that it is showing up for you and we can prepare you for the birth that you need. 

Birth can often seem like something unknown and scary, I work with folks to position birth as a place to know more about oneself and the people who are supporting. 

My work as a doula will always be racial justice-oriented, trauma-informed, and gender-affirming. 


I specialize in serving people of color, lgbtq+ folks, teen/young parents, rainbow baby births, and trauma-informed needs. Families and people of color will never be turned away because they cannot afford my services. 


My service area includes a 30-mile radius from Albany, Oregon. 


What to Expect

My doula work is aimed at creating a judgement-free space where you’re most informed to make the decisions you want.


While I tailor my work to the individual, my typical package includes:​

  • 2 prenatal appointments

  • Labor & Birth

  • 2 postnatal appointments

​Additional Services​​ include:​

  • Lactation consulting

  • Meal prep

  • Additional prenatal appointments

  • Additional postnatal appointments

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