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create movement beyond theory

Educator & Consultant

As an educator, I work to build capacity and skills for myself and others to remain present during difficult conversations as we unlearn oppressive systems and remain committed to imagining the unlimited, justice-oriented possibilities of the future. 

My work is informed by my lived experience as well as my academic and professional experience. It is important that our work towards justice remains wholistic to address multiple systems of oppression. I balance this work by centering trainings in learning about the self; our lived experiences, how we have internalized dominant narratives of power, and how we can learn about ourselves in order to more clearly engage with others.


What to Expect

While I have an archive of keynotes, presentations, trainings, and facilitations, we will work together to decide what can be best constructed to meet your needs.


Together we can create or anticipate anything from a 20-minute keynote to a 90-minute presentation to a 6-hour retreat to an ongoing weekly/monthly/quarter scaffolded education program.


In addition to creating material for front-facing training and retreats, we can also create a consulting contract in which we schedule meeting/s to update documents, improve current institutional language/vocabulary, or shift processes such as hiring, recruitment, or promotion.


By the end of this consultation, we can have an idea of what our work together might look like and a flexible estimate for the cost of the contract. I am looking forward to working with you. 

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